Options & Accessories

Accessories and options features are specific to chair models. Please speak with one of our representative for details. 800-279-4700.

  • Wider Width Available

    Standard width 20”, Available widths 21”, and 22

  • Book Racks

    Fixed and Installable bookrack options include a cup hole on our metal frame chairs.

  • Enclosed Back

    Enclosed back chairs do not have any visible frame or bracing bars on the back of the chair, creating a more seamless and refined aesthetic.

  • Curved Back

    Curved back chairs cradle the back for optimal comfort. Straight back options offers slightly more alert seating position.

  • Full Back Seat

    Full back seat cushion is an aesthetic option both the full back and the cut-a-way back cushions have additional foam in the lumbar for ergonomic support.

  • Cup Hole

    Fixed cup hole without book rack for both wood and metal frame worship chairs

  • Card Holders

    There are 3 available options for our metal frame chairs: Card/Pencil/Cup Holders, Card/Pencil Holders, and Fabric Card Pocket. There is also a fabric book pouch option available.

  • Hideaway and Fixed Gangers

    Our exclusive Hideaway ganger gives maximum versatility to create straight flush fit rows, or radius seating layouts. Also available is the traditional fixed metal tongue and loop ganger.

  • Arm Chairs

    Can be utilized in numerous ways throughout a facility and can be especially beneficial to the elderly

  • Kneelers

    Our sliding kneeler is a great option for stacking chairs and multi-use sanctuaries. Our kneelers stack separate from the chairs for easy storage.

  • Custom Chair Transport Dollies

    Custom chair transport dollies.

  • Anchor Feet

    Are available for instances where chairs (flexible seating) is preferred but for code compliance some of the chairs may need to be anchored down.

  • Reserved Chair Caps

    Reserved chair caps allow for greater versatility and visibility in contrast to the alternative of putting permanent placard on your seating. Stock available for our 20” width chairs .

  • Fabrics

  • Finishes